Unplug and unwind when you arrive for your peaceful nature getaway. There are many ways to camp in Yates County to complete an all-inclusive outdoor experience. Camping is a great family-friendly activity and some places even let you bring your pets along.

Sit back and relax by the campfire after an afternoon of hiking and get inspired by the sights and sounds of the natural surroundings. There are a number of great camping options, each offering a unique experience. Whether you enjoy the simplicity of pitching a tent, prefer the comfort of an RV or resting in a rustic cabin, the camping experience here is a timeless and simple pleasure.

Camping & Recreation Areas

Back-Achers Campsites and Cottage Rentals

2830 Jared Road
Himrod NY 14842
(607) 243-7926

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Country Charm Campground

4623 Gray Road
Middlesex NY 14507
(585) 739-1841

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Flint Creek Campgrounds

1455 Phelps Road
Middlesex NY 14507
(585) 554-3567

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Keuka Lake State Park

3370 Pepper Road
Keuka Park NY 14478
(315) 536-3666

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